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Mediumship Reading or Distant Energy Healing Session

"Thank you so much Karyn, you have been amazing and brought me real joy and comfort today! My heart feels full and I feel re-energised. Everything you have said has been spot on 🙂 thank you so so much xxx"

Laurah 10/10/18

“100% accurate thank you.
I would highly recommend.”

Graeme 16/10/18


Yvette Irene Medium shared on 21 December 2018· 

"Ive personally received a distant healing from this talented medium and healer, and I can not recommend her enough!
I suffer from week long headaches regularly and after her distant healing, they were gone!
Her gifted magic at work ! 👌🏼"





  • Readings via Facebook Messenger

  • Group Readings which are conducted at your place for a group of 5 people minimum

  • Distance Healing Sessions

  • Face to Face Readings