I am an Evidential Medium. I bring you and your loved ones who have crossed over closer together and deliver any messages your loved ones may have to give. Having said this I am not a doctor or any other professional and therefore will not read on anything related to health, medical, relationships or legal. Please seek the advice of a trained professional for these questions. 


I also don’t guarantee who or what is brought through in a reading session. This is totally in the hands of spirit as to what message they wish to convey and who wishes to convey it. So please do not be disappointed if you do not have connection with whom you were asking. I am merely the conduit which spirit uses to connect. I am not a “fortune teller”, while some information may come through in some readings we are all still free spirits with our own free will to choose what,when, how and why we make certain decisions and take certain paths.


Everything in my reading sessions are completely private and no identities or information is shared to any third parties. I aim to give as honest and trusting reading as is humanly possible.I look forward to connecting you with your loved ones in spirit.

Love and light to you all.


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